• Wailing Heights is alive!

    Wailing Heights, the game developed by Outsider Games, goes live on Steam today at 2pm. The game is described as ‘A coffin-rocking, body-hopping, musical adventure game, set in a horrific hamlet of monsters.’ I wrote a small comic outlining the back story of one of the characters (the vampire Lola Vita), which was drawn by Ron Salas. This appears in the game, and if you spring for the deluxe bundle of Wailing Heights, it includes the soundtrack and high-res comics/artbook. You can purchase the game on Steam at 2pm today.

  • Lola comes to (un)life

    I’m stoked to hear that Ron Salas (who has worked for Image, Marvel, Dark Horse, etc.) is the artist drawing my short comic book script for Wailing Heights, which will be a part of a forthcoming video game from Outsider Games. I’ve seen the pages, and I’m thrilled that Lola’s origin story has been brought to (un)life in such a lively fashion.