• robot serendipity

    Thinking about yesterday’s blog post about items in one’s home that have meaning, it reminded me of a funny incident that happened to me back in 2010. I was on my way to London, and stopped in a café (which is no longer in existence) to get a decent meal into me before the cavalcade of airport security, waiting rooms, flight, collecting luggage, train journey, and bus jaunt that would deliver me to my destination. The café was one of those cool joints with books and nifty knick-knacks arranging in pleasing ways, and I spotted this diorama of objects. (This has subsequently become of my favourite photos, so I was…

  • Islington gynoid

    Can you believe I found the lovely robot I photographed in Gort, Galway a few weeks ago in the first shop I went into in Islington, London? She’s called the Venus Robot, and that’s her beside my glass of spiced cider it The Bull pub in Islington.