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    pretty in ink

    I love history and studying the past. My first college degree was an English and History combination, and I seriously considered doing a history MA afterwards, but my love of English triumphed and I pursued a MA in that subject instead. So, I tend to continue to read a lot of history, which is pretty much a necessity for research for stories, but it’s also a pleasure. Reading about people’s lives in the past reminds me how vibrant individual people were, and how even ‘ordinary’ people could achieve extraordinary goals. There is a tendency among some depictions of the past (film is the worst for this) to portray people as…

  • Jennifer Wilde
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    Jennifer Wilde

    Here’s the cover of my latest comic book project, Jennifer Wilde. Like with Róisín Dubh, Rob Curley of Atomic Diner Comics approached me with a story concept, which I developed further with Rob and from that I wrote the comic book scripts. It will also be a three-issue comic book series. Our artist is Stephen Downey, and he’s not only doing all the interior art but the covers and the lettering too. The above art is the cover for the first issue. Stephen has been motoring his way through the script of the first issue but with no drop in quality. It’s been a joy to watch the evolution of…

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    the magic bookshop strikes again

    A new story has started writing itself in my mind. At the moment I have the opening couple of lines, with the sense of the first paragraph. I have a few hints as to what it’s all about, but it’s not ready to be written. First I have to do some research. I’ve already read a book today called The New Mind by Dr. Richard Restak–it has a subtitle to its subtitle: How the modern age is rewiring your mind: research from the frontiers of brain science. It’s written so a non-scientist like myself can easily understand the concepts, and there is plenty of fodder in that book for more…