• la femme signs

    Today I received 150 signing sheets for the forthcoming anthology La Femme, in which my story ‘Valerie’ is appearing. That’s just half the contributors. The entire Table of Contents is: Frances Hardinge, Storm Constantine, Ruth EJ Booth, Andrew Hook, Stewart Hotston, Holly Ice, Adele Kirby, Maura McHugh, Jonathan Oliver, Stephen Palmer, John Llewellyn Probert, and Benjanun Sriduangkaew. It’s an odd experience writing your name out 150 times – after a short period your own signature looks odd, and then you have bizarre moments when your brain suddenly doubts itself and shrieks, ‘Is that how you really spell it?’ My apologies to anyone who gets a sheet in which my signature…

  • La Femme cover

    La Femme cover

    Today I received an email from Ian Whates at NewCon Press revealing the cover for the paired La Femme and Noir anthologies. My story ‘Valerie’ is appearing in La Femme. The writers appearing in this volume are: Frances Hardinge Storm Constantine Holly Ice Ruth E.J. Booth Andrew Hook Stewart Hotston Adele Kirby Maura McHugh Jonathan Oliver Stephen Palmer John Llewellyn Probert Benjanun Sriduangkaew The books are being launched at Eastercon in Glasgow, at 6.00 pm on 18 April, 2014, and both paperback and hardback editions will be available.

  • La Femme Noir

    I’m pleased to announce that my short story ‘Valerie’ has been accepted by Ian Whates at NewCon Press to be part of the forthcoming anthology titled La Femme. It’s being launched at Eastercon in Glasgow, at 6.00 pm on 18 April, along with its paired anthology, Noir. There will be a paperback and hardback edition of both books. There are twenty five stories across the two volumes, and it’s wonderful to be in such good company (I’ll leave it to Ian to announce the ToC officially before I name names). The anthologies should be available to pre-order shortly.