• Unland 2 out

    Today issue 2 of Witchfinder: The Mysteries of Unland is out from Dark Horse Comics. You can buy it online, or in any good comic book shop. This comic is part of a five-issue Sir Edward Grey: Witchfinder story, which I have co-written with Kim Newman, with art by Tyler Crook, coloured by Dave Stewart, covers by Julian Totino Tedesco, lettered by Clem Robins, and edited by Scott Allie. All set in the Hellboy universe created by Mike Mignola. If you’re thinking of hopping onto the series, then here are reviews of issues so far: Unland 1 reviewed on All-Comic Unland 1 reviewed at Multiversity Unland 1 reviewed at Newsarama Unland 1 reviewed at SciFi Pulse…

  • Witchfinder 2 cover

    Yesterday I was being all enthusiastic for Julian Totino Tedesco‘s cover artwork for Witchfinder: The Mysteries of Unland issue 1 on my blog, and late that evening Comic Book Resources announced the July solicit information and covers for Dark Horse Comics. Including Julian’s cover for issue two of Witchfinder. It’s one of my favourites! Oh yes, dark, gruesome events loom for issue 2…

  • Jennifer Wilde 2 now available

    The second issue of Jennifer Wilde – the comic book I’m writing for Atomic Diner – is on the shelves of SubCity Comics in Dublin. It’s wonderful to have the second issue out. As usual I’m indebted to Stephen Downey, the terrific artist who is bringing Jennifer’s world to life, and to Robert Curley for making the comic book happen. Jennifer Wilde issue 2 should be available from other retailers and the Atomic Diner web site very soon.

  • Jennifer Wilde 2

    Jennifer Wilde, issue 2

    Issue 2 of Jennifer Wilde is in the final prep stages and should be heading off to the printers soon. So, as an appetiser here’s the cover of issue 2. Once again artist Stephen Downey has delivered another captivating image.

  • review and reward

    It’s a pleasure to read a perceptive review of one’s work, especially if it’s favourable! Emmet O’Cuana’s review of issue 2 of Róisín Dubh on Comicbooked.com had me beaming. I should also mention that the Eagle Awards for the comic book industry are open for nomination at the moment. I’d love to see a diverse range of writers and artists nominated. I’m not saying people should be nominated if they’re not talented, but have a good think about the titles you’ve enjoyed this year and spread the love around. Anyone can nominate. If there are people you think are deserving in a category then you can add them. The 2012…

  • Róisín Dubh issue 2 is out

    The second issue of Róisín Dubh, the comic book series I’ve written for Atomic Diner Comics, is on the shelves of SubCity and Forbidden Planet in Dublin, and is already selling well. The first review of this issue has gone online. It’s written by David O’Leary and can be read on ICN or Comicbuzz (there are some spoilers in the review). Here’s a taster of what he says: Another great issue from Ireland’s leading publisher of indy comics. It really hits all the right notes visually and with its involved, layered story. Thanks to Stephen Byrne for his hard work on the art and lettering in this issue.