• sunny selfie

    When the sun shines in Ireland you have to get out in it. Today felt like a fedora hat kind of day. I like hats. As remarked upon in The Meaning of Life: “People are not wearing enough hats.”

  • at home

    Today, on twitter, I happened to mention my love of hats. I agree with the boardroom executive who says in Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life, ‘People aren’t wearing enough hats.’ I won’t bother extol their practical virtues, but they’re a great fashion accessory, and I’m fond of the slightly quirky variety. So, when I saw this (faux) furry burgundy one recently I couldn’t resist (especially as it was inexpensive). I was challenged this afternoon to produce a photo of the chapeau, and this is one of the two images I posted on Flickr. That’s me, in my office today, with not a lick of make-up on or ‘improved’ by…