• Song of the Sea picture book

    The latest animated feature film from Irish company Cartoon Saloon is Song of the Sea, which is finally getting its theatrical release in Ireland this coming Friday. The screenplay was written by Will Collins based on a story by Tomm Moore, and it was directed by Tomm. Just in time for the Irish release the Song of the Sea picture book has gone on sale. I edited this book, which was an fun job thanks to Will Collins’ lovely text and the beautiful accompanying artwork. It’s €12.95 from the web site, and suitable for ages about 7 and up.

  • recognising women in horror

    February is Women in Horror Recognition Month, an event started last year to boost the profile of women who work in all facets of the horror industry. Check out the web site and the Facebook page for loads of blog posts and events promoting the contribution of women to horror. To kick it off here I’d like to mention that the results of the 4th Black Quill Awards have been announced. The Awards are voted on by the readers and editors of Dark Scribe Magazine so there are two awards in each category. A shout-out to Gemma Files, exceptional horror writer, who was the only person to win both the…