• Outside anthology

    I’m delighted to be part of the Outside comic book anthology, published by Ash Pure Press, which launched today in Topics Berlin in Berlin. My short story is called ‘Colours’ and is drawn and coloured by British artist John Riordan. Here’s a shot of the first page. And here’s an image of the Table of Contents page, you can see see all the contributors: It’s a beautiful book with a fantastic array of interesting and different comic book styles, so it’s a huge pleasure to be among their number. Thanks to editors Amir Naaman and Doron Hamburger for including me, and for producing such a fantastic anthology.

  • Preview of Unland 1

    The first three pages of issue 1 of Witchfinder: The Mysteries of Unland have been posted online, and on the Tumblr of our artist Tyler Crook (follow him!). What’s cool is that along with the finished coloured/lettered pages, you can also see the original black and white inks beside for comparison. I’m replicating them below. Not only do you see how well Tyler is drawing the comic, this also clearly demonstrates what a brilliant job colourist Dave Stewart is doing, and how much his work adds to the general atmosphere of the piece. Plus, let’s not forget the contribution of our letterer Clem Robins! (Click to embiggen.) The comic is…