• favourite coffee mugs

    I drink a lot of hot drinks throughout the day, coffee and herbal teas mostly. I have a wide variety of mugs I like to use, and a couple of strange rules have arisen. First, most of my mugs are strictly divided into coffee or tea mugs. There’s no cross-contamination between the two. There is only one exception, and that’s a set of matching pottery mugs that I put out ‘for company’, and they have to be flexible. Secondly, some mugs are mine and some are Martin’s. We share a couple of them. Technically I could banish these rules and make it a free-for-all. The world wouldn’t end if coffee…

  • tasty Wednesday

    It’s been a pretty productive day, but I’ve work yet to do. So a rare treat from Sweetie Pies in Galway, along with a doppio espresso to cut through the sugar and fuel the rest of my evening. Yum.

  • espresso day

    I don’t normally fuel my day on an espresso, but this little cup is a new purchase and it demanded use! It’s a piece of Paul Maloney Pottery, and I bought it because when I picked it up I felt like Goldilocks finding the perfect bed: it was a natural, comforable fit. It’s as if the potter knew the exact dimensions of my fingers and how I like to hold a cup. When you find a match like this you bring it home, and keep it forever.