Introduction to Irish Ghost Stories

Thanks to Gillian Whitaker, the project editor at Flame Tree Publishing, for inviting me to write the introduction to their latest book, Irish Ghost Stories – which got its publication on Halloween!

I studied Irish nineteenth century supernatural fiction for a MA when I was in my twenties, so it was a fun trip down memory lane when I was brushing up on the subject.

I hauled my dusty thesis off my bookshelf and was pleasantly surprised while reading it. I’m somewhat allergic to revisiting my old work and rarely re-read what I’ve written unless it’s going to be in a collection or it is being translated.

High five to past Maura for her work on that tome… I do remember the stress it caused, thus I was thrilled to get a first class honour for it.

So I was delighted to receive my contributor copies from Flame Tree yesterday.

I sometimes consider how amazed my past self would be at what I’m doing now!

And that fills me with deep gratitude for all who have helped me get this far. Occasionally, I even acknowledge that I must have done something right along the way!

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