Dissolution 2

With the publication of Judge Dredd Megazine 446 comes the second part of my three-part Anderson: PSI Division story, ‘Dissolution’. This Meg sports a cover by Jake Lynch.

Things continue to get strange for Judges Shenker and Anderson in this tale, and as usual my thanks go to Lee Carter for the art and the colours, and Annie Parkhouse for the lettering.

And today I also hear of the passing of Alan Grant, one of the original creative titans at 2000 AD. Although Judge Anderson was originally conceived by writer John Wagner and artist Brian Bolland, Alan Grant took over the main writing duties for several decades. I’ve read pretty much every Anderson story Grant wrote, and I’ve often been inspired by the audacity of his storylines as well as entertained by his dialogue.

Thank you Alan Grant for helping to fashion such an iconic character, and I hope I continue to honour your legacy.

Above is the graphic novel-length Anderson story, Shamballa, written by Grant and drawn by Arthur Ranson.

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