Dissolution 1

Zarjazz! I’ve a new Anderson: PSI Division three-parter story beginning in Judge Dredd Megazine 445, which is out today. Plus, savour that banging cover by the audaciously talented Rachel Stott (if you follow the previous link you’ll get an insight into her process for designing the cover).

My story is called ‘Dissolution’, and features Lee Carter doubling up for Art Droid and Colouring duties. It picks up from the ‘Be Psi-ing You‘ story that was published in Prog 2250. To make things easier, Tharg kindly reprinted this story in the Meg so people can remember the overall context. Lee also drew that story, and he re-worked the art specially for this edition.

Here’s the first page from the current story, where the head of Psi-Div, the long-suffering Judge Shenker, is in a reflective mood.

It’s also pulling on a thread set up in the Global Justice: 2000 AD Sci-Fi Special 2021 that Michael Carroll and I put together last year.

As a giant cherry on top the entire ‘Dead Run’ five-part series from 2019 is also reprinted. Hail Tharg! You’ll get to enjoy Paddy Goddard‘s splendid artwork from that storyline.

Finally, mucho love to Annie Parkhouse for her ace lettering skills on ‘Dissolution’.

Bag this bounty now!

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