Teddy Scare

Colour me ghoulishy glad to have a story in the rebooted British children’s comic, Monster Fun!

This is their ‘Halloween Spooktacular’, and next year the comic will be returning to the bookshelves (virtual and physical), coming out every two months from April 2022.

I wrote the story for ‘Teddy Scare’ with fiendishly fine artwork (and colouring) by Steve May – plus lettering by Ferre Schutz.

Children’s comics are a tough challenge: a lot of story packed into a couple of pages with an emphasis on fun and entertainment. You really depend on your artist to deliver the goods on the visual level, and Steve did not disappoint! Plus thanks to editor Keith Richardson for his insights.

There’s a tremendous array of talent writing and drawing in this special – as you can discover in this rundown of the issue.

So if you have wee hellions in your life, get them a subscription to Monster Fun!

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