Octocon 2020

Octocon, the National Irish Science Fiction Convention, has been an important annual celebration of sf/fantasy/horror across all media for thirty years, and this weekend the event will be going virtual, so anyone can attend!

The Guest of Honour is Michael Carroll – and about time too! Mike is one of Ireland’s most talented genre writers, as well as being an editor, talented graphic designer, comic book historian, and indefatigable punster. Over the past decade he has established his reputation has a super comic book writer, and has a solid archive of work for Tharg’s Greatest Comic, 2000 AD. He’s also a generous and helpful fan writer and con organiser. On top of all of this he’s also a superb human being!

Helen Ryder and Philippa Ryder are the Fan Guests of Honour, and so well deserved, because without the two of them Octocon would never have existed. Their contribution to Irish genre fandom needs noting and lauding.

Plus there will be a plethora of other fantastic writers, artists, and guests representing a wide variety of media and fan favourites. The great benefit of our shut-in existence is that you can often have a fabulous line-up of guests thanks to the wonder of high speed internet and a quieter social schedule. Information on how to attend is on the web site.

Program items are occurring via Twitch, Zoom and Discord so you’ll be able to tune in and even chat with fellow fans and guests.

Here are the virtual Octocon panels I’ll be attending:

3pm on Saturday, 10 October

Guest of Honour Interview: Michael Carroll:
“I’ve Forgotten the Question, But, Still, that was a Darned Good Answer”.

I have the honour of interviewing GoH Michael Carroll – discover the breadth and width of his career so far!

5pm on Saturday, 10 October

A Decade Under Tharg
Janet O’Sullivan (m), Michael Carroll, PJ Holden & me.

12pm on Sunday, 11 October

Judges: The Genesis of the World of Judge Dredd
James Bacon (m), Michael Carroll (GOH), Joseph Elliott-Coleman & me.

4pm on Sunday, 11 October

The Gothic: A Living Tradition?
Ian Moore (m), Kim Newman, Sakuya, Russell A Smith & me.
Hopefully I’ll be interacting with some of you this weekend!

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