Appliances on the Radio

I’m so pleased to announce that the radio adaptation of my short science fiction play, The Love of Small Appliances, has been cast, recorded, and will be broadcast on NearFM at 6 pm on Friday, 28 June 2019. It’s a story about AI, love, and the evolution of ‘helpful’ devices all connected to the Internet.

An excerpted version of the play had a staged reading at the Galway Theatre Festival in April 2016, directed by Justine Nakase, and I always thought it might make a good radio play.

I was thrilled to get that opportunity when the story was picked to be part of a series of radio dramas written by women and supported by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland‘s Sound and Vision scheme. Thanks to series producer Paul Loughran for putting it in motion.

Not only did I enjoy the challenge of writing for radio, but I was aided by the insightful notes from my script advisor, writer/playwright Lisa Tierney-Keogh.

I was also incredibly lucky that actor/director Nicola Murphy agreed to direct – she brought considerable thoughtfulness and integrity in selecting the cast and considering the play.

My schedule didn’t allow me to attend the recording in Dublin, but below is the cheerful bunch on the day (photo courtesy of NearFM). I did video call into the rehearsal so I was able to chat to them about the characters and my wider thoughts about the play.

Siobhan Callaghan: TARA
Ashleigh Dorrell: MARY
Julie Maguire: ITA
Donna Nikolaisen: JAHZARA
Suzie Seweify: SIVE

Director – Nicola Murphy
Series and script advisor – Lisa Tierney-Keogh
Series Producer – Paul Loughran
Sound recording and post production – Gavin Byrne

The artwork for this episode was also created by Gavin!

Kudos to the actors, and Paul, Lisa, Nicola and Gavin. I’m grateful for this wonderful and supportive experience. Thank you all!

And the writing brain doesn’t stop, because I would love to develop this further: as a feature film… who doesn’t enjoy a fun science fiction rom-com?

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