It’s a sitcom miracle

February can be a bit of a dour month, so I watched comedy to offset the grey. In particular I like the half-hour format, which feels like a delightful popcorn snack. I re-watched four seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Netflix, which was a fun binge.

Casting about for something else, I struck upon One Day at a Time on Netflix, about which I’d heard some positive buzz.

What an enchanting surprise awaited me! A wonderful, progressive, humourous (and often poignant) story about a family of Cuban descent, which explores issues to do with feminism, racism, mental health, gender, citizenship, religion, veterans’ issues, and the legacy of cultural traditions all while maintaining its bounce as a comedy.

Problems are thrashed through with gusto – and due to the three-generation lens through which the stories are presented, very astute observations are made. Minds are changed due to discussion, lived experience, and love.

Every single actor pulls their weight, but at its centre is nurse, veteran, and Mom Penelope (Justina Machado) and her elegant and outspoken mother Lydia (Rita Moreno). Both are outstanding.

I’ll just say make sure you have your tissues on hand for the final episode of season 2!

Hats off to the writing team, who have created a little miracle. Led by executive producer, and legend, Norman Lear, and re-conceived by Gloria Calderon and Kellett Mike Royce from the sitcom of the same title in the 1970s.

I’m just sad that I’ve watched all two seasons, and have to wait for another.

I was so pleased to see Rita Moreno at the Oscars ceremony… what an inspirational woman and fine actor. (She’s 86! I want to be her at that age.)

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