Resistance is Fruitful

It should comes as no surprise to any readers of my blog or Twitter that I’m not a fan of the soon-to-be elected President of the USA. I have taken a policy on social media of not posting any of the stream of prophesies of doom of what’s coming over the next four years, but I’m making an exception with this segment from the recent episode of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.

This show has provided exceptional, pointed, satirical reporting since it was first aired, and I think it’s essential viewing (you can find it all on its YouTube channel, including extra online material). At least you can laugh while you despair. This clip has no sugar coating, and does offer an expert’s opinion of what the 45th president is going to attempt. I expect freedom of the press will be one of the first rights he will go after, and Masha’s prediction that he will encourage citizens to report on one another made me shudder – it’s an old tactic of authoritarian regimes, and America has seen it before.

Ultimately I believe in people and their basic decency, but I also know that people do strange things when they are afraid. So, be brave. Resist the fear-mongering. Look at your neighbours with clear vision: they are the same as they have always been. Decide there is a line you will not cross and defend it. Speak up when others are unfairly maligned. Be a decent human being. We are all on this planet together and how we conduct ourselves matters.

And remember – we elect politicians so we can unelect them in the future. They do pay attention to their electorates if they make enough noise, regularly. We are not without power so employ it effectively. Those of you who can march (or roll) tomorrow in one of the many demonstrations around the world should consider it an imperative as this is our first demonstration of resistance to demagoguery. Yet there are many ways to participate. Use whatever is within your means and ability. However you can resist peacefully, do so. But acting in solidarity with others helps.

I was thinking last night how I was full of joy and optimism at President Barack Obama’s inauguration eight years ago. Then I reminded myself of my despair eight years earlier when George W Bush got elected. All things cycle around, and good can emerge from testing situations.

But it depends on us stepping up and facing our responsibilities to our communities and ourselves.

I won’t be watching the inauguration. I will not give the event the ratings (and a tactic stamp of approval), and would recommend others do the same.

Instead I will focus on positive work and people I love, and tomorrow I will march on the Women’s March on Washington – Galway.

Art by Shepard Fairey for the Amplifier Foundation

(top poster art by Hayley Gilmore)