Spring Blossoms

The drab days of winter are behind us, and in-between indifferent Spring weather, we do catch a few glorious hours during which garlands of fragrant blossoms glow in the sunshine.

Today has seen a stretch of magnificent weather which stirs the senses and brings with it a burst of energy.

I spotted this tree in blossom as I was heading to a cafe. I pulled over the car, jumped out, and snapped off a couple of shots in the hopes that something would arise from it.

The worse thing about sunshine is how hard it is to take photos using a screen. But, I’ve learned the fine art of ‘prescient photography’: i.e. lining up the shot as best I can based on experience and a big dollop of hope.

You can end up with a series of muddy, out-of-focus images, but if you don’t try you won’t get anything.

And what a pity it would have been to miss these!

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