the moon is not full tonight

Actually, the Moon is full tonight, but this was the title of a small cartoon I drew on Sunday as part of #HourlyComicDay.

When I drew the not-full-moon it inspired me to write a bit of nonsense verse.


Here’s the nonsense poem in full:

A Warning to the Hungry Moon

Poor hungry moon
How do you yearn,
For babies’ milk teeth,
Or the bones under wreaths.

Soon you’ll be starving,
Your girth needing widening,
While below you we ramble,
Our bones all a-jangling.

Abide in the heavens,
And refrain from a-ravening,
But, should you fall upon these shores,
You’ll shudder at the welcome at my door.

And, here’s a photo I took last month of the full moon, a bit filtered. Like my cartoon, it’s become a Paper Moon

Paper Moon

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