picture palace

Here’s a photo I took on Saturday in Galway of the newly-constructed Picture Palace in the city centre.

It’s a three-screen art cinema, that will also have a café, bar, film/art book and dvd shop, and an online film archive facility.

This has been a long, much-anticipated project, and is the perfect fit for a bohemian city that has a university and a technical institute that both teach a variety of film courses.

Of course, as a film buff I’m delighted at the prospect of getting a better variety of screenings of foreign and indie films in Galway.

I don’t know when the cinema will open this year, but I suspect they will be aiming to have it ready for the Galway Film Fleadh in July if at all possible.

For those who are wondering its name in Irish is Pálás na bPictiúr, which explains what might seem like a strange spelling carved into the wall.

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