fun with pandas

A panda is another word for a photograph of a person’s shadow. Over the years I’ve taken a few of my own. Sometimes we make our own entertainment.

At this time of the year we don’t get a lot of strong sunshine, so perhaps that’s why I took some more recently. In the dull, winter light usually there’s just me walking with the dog, minus an accompanying shade.


Here’s my shadow waving – such surprise that she is around in January! Ahead is a dark patch, and she’ll melt into the rest of the darkness. I was wearing my long winter coat with a hood, which is why it looks like I have the shoulders pads of an Anime villain.

Shadow me, Shadow Minnie

Minnie was being a good sport here. She didn’t know why I was called her to sit by me, to then ignore her as I fiddled with the rectangle in my hand. To dogs, humans must seem pretty daft.

Look there, Minnie

Here, Minnie is just being indulgent. I was messing around, and she was pretending to go along with it. “Look over there, Minnie!”

Yes, Maura, nothing of interest… are you done being crazy yet? We have a walk to complete.

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