details in passing

I’ve had a busy day so there’s not been much time for blogging. And yet, there exists an itch to put something down. These days when I get like this I start looking at photos and see what pops up.

Love stumped

I look this photo a couple of days ago. I’m not sure what it was about the subject that beckoned to me. It got flagged in my peripheral vision, and caused me to take a step back, pause, and take the shot quickly. There was a pleasing quality about the composition.

The double ivy sitting like two lonely hearts upon a severed trunk. Love (growth) despite death?

What is it that attracts some of us to a person, object, or place, and not another? Something as mundane as ivy on a tree – there is ivy all over the forest – can in a fleeting glance seem worthy of immortalising.

Taste is such a personal, temporal thing.

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