bluebell April

One of my favourite flowers is the bluebell, and in my opinion April is its month. They’re usually out early in the month, so they are latecomers this year.

I was delighted to spot them in their usual location today, just before the month ended. I hunkered among them, snapping photos as soon I saw their pretty violet heads, bobbing in the brisk breeze.

Bluebells and dandelions

Wild garlic has finally erupted to cover the woodland floor, but their beautiful white star flowers aren’t out wholesale yet. A few of them have made to effort, so I caught them too.

Wild garlic flower

Finally, the cherry blossom! One of the great beauties of Spring is finally crowning the boughs of the trees. I’m always uplifted to see them.

Cherry gold

When Spring arrives with its full array of marvels, it’s hard to resist its charms.

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