Equal day and night

Feathered heart

I took this photo of the centre of a flower, on a sunny day, just before the Equinox. The curls of petal at its dark heart remind me of feathers. I love taking macro photographs, where the normal can become extraordinary up close.

Thanks to all the many people who have given me information for my Women in Comics listing. I’ve decided to expand it to include European countries outside of the UK/Ireland. There are currently 202 women on the list, which seems like a large amount, but it’s only scraping the surface of the entire European market.

It’s a lot harder to find women comic book creators in foreign (to me) countries, because the language barrier makes it difficult to figure out – for example – if they are illustrators who don’t do comics, or if they engage in all the graphic arts (sinister!).

If you know of any women in the comic book industry in Europe who have been published (self-published, part of an anthology, serial comics, graphic novels, comix, web comics), please contact me with their information.

I’ve been discovering a lot of talent that was unknown to me, even in my own country. Every new name is a happy revelation.

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