Yule Gold

Yule gold star

It’s a gorgeous sunny Yule eve in the West of Ireland, which is most welcome after a long parade of wet, dull days.

Since the light was so good I took this picture of a rose from a mixed bunch of flowers I’m bringing to holiday celebrations. Good luck and happiness to all this festive season!

I’ve been busy these last couple of months, as well as being ill twice – once with a head cold, followed by a flu (only just abating). This is probably brought on by the travelling I’ve been doing in the last five months of this year – three trips to London, one to Leeds and one to Brighton.

I recently contributed to Paul Cornell’s Twelve Blogs of Christmas, and wrote about Twelve Drummers Drumming. I gave a brief overview of the history of women drummers. Several people have complained about the women I omitted. I thought that was a great sign, as it happens. To explain: I couldn’t mention everyone, and I didn’t want the article to devolve into a list of names.

2013 is already shaping up to be an exciting year, and I hope all of you have a fun and prosperous New Year!

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