Women in Comics, Europe

Women in Comics, Europe
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The fabulous Laura Sneddon (freelance journalist and Ph.D. student studying comic books) decided to set up a group on Facebook called ‘Women in Comics, Europe‘. I’m co-administrator of the group.

It’s a group for women (i.e. anyone who identifies as a woman) who work in the comic book industry in Europe – be it as writer, artist, inker, colourist, publisher, letterer, journalist, academic, comic book seller, or comic book convention organiser.

The purpose of the group is to allow women in the European comic book industry to become familiar with each other and their work, to network, and to promote their projects.

I’m still maintaining the list of ‘Women in Comics UK/Ireland‘, and that’s at approximately 150 names. On the Facebook group we’re keen to welcome women from all of Europe so they are represented. I’d certainly love to become more familiar with what our European colleagues are doing.

So if you believe you qualify for the group, please join!

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