bayou Coole

bayou Coole

One positive side-effect of all the rain this winter is I get to snap an image like this.

I took this today at Coole Park while walking the dog. When we have exceptionaly rainy weather the Turlough in the park floods sections of the forest, rendering some of the paths impassable (unless you have wellies – or waders!).

The dog was delighted to have the opportunity splash about in the water, and desperately wanted me to throw a stick into it so she had a reason to dive in. She even dragged a huge branch out of the shallows in an attempt to entice me into a game of stick throwing.

Alas, I hadn’t counted on a fully saturated dog seeping into my car on my return journey, so she had to make do with paddling.

Here’s her admiring her reflection.

Vain Minnie

I’ve a couple of extra photos from the excursion on my Flickr set.