dead grasses

Winter Grasses

I didn’t rest much last night due to the storm charging past my house. Whenever dreams crept close volleys of hailstones ratt-a-tatted against my bedroom window and scared them off. I resigned myself to sleeplessness.

There was a short break in the rain this afternoon and the adage in my house is: walk the dog while the sun shines (if it shines at all, of course). I marshalled my gear and marched through the woods with Minnie, buffetted by the gusts.

During my excursion I took this shot of dead grasses against the sunshine. They were whipping about madly so it was an exercise in patience at times. This is one in a series, the rest are up on Flickr.

I like how the grasses in the foreground are replicated by the form of the trees in the background. It could almost be a scene in the summer because the state of the desicated grasses is mostly hidden by the shilouette.

Thankfully it’s a lot quieter this evening, so I hope I can tempt sleep to visit me tonight.