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Look up

This is a picture of the Millennium Bridge in London during a recent trip, from the vantage point of a tour cruise on the River Thames. I visit London often, but rarely do the touristy stuff. This time I was showing relatives around who wanted the highlights, and as a result I saw more of the city than usual.

The weather was temperamental throughout the holiday, but I lucked out with a short period of sunshine on our river journey as the tempestuous clouds gathered to rain upon us again.

I love that one silhouette of a person who stared down at us as we floated underneath, waving to those above.

It’s well worth viewing London from the River Thames. It’s an entirely different perspective on the city.

I’m saddened to hear about the riots in London at the moment. I can only hope that this turbulent period will pass quickly, and my friends who live there will be unharmed.

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