On the Forbidden Planet International blog today I have a review of Lucille, the graphic novel by the artist/writer/singer Ludovic Debeurme, which has recently been translated into English and published by Top Shelf Productions.

It’s a complex and impressive book, and one that deals wtih serious themes. It’s very French, and by that I mean it’s deeply interested in the human condition in a way that is philosophical and meaningful. Plus, it’s drawn in a unorthadox comic book style, which just adds to its Frenchness.

While reading the graphic novel I wondered how on earth you would pitch this story to an English/American publisher? I suspect it would be a very difficult sell. Perhaps Debeurme struggled getting the story published in France, and my perception that the French are just more open to this kind of story is misplaced.

Here’s a video about the the ultra-cool Debeurme and his graphic novel:

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