A YouTube web series that’s well written, acted and shot?

They are rare, but here’s a fine, new example called Mythomania, which is written and directed by comic book artist Derek Kirk Kim. The story revolves around a group of aspiring cartoonists living in L.A.

It’s essentially a modern boy-meets-girl story. Andy (Jeremy Arambulo) dreams of winning an Eisner, but his work has been turned down again by a comic book publisher. On the plus side he’s just met a cute comic book artist Ashley (Simone Lamar Carter), who he introduces to his cartooning pals. It’s got all the usual geek culture awkwardness including the typical macho ragging that goes on between men who are interested in a girl (including those uncomfortable dumb questions socially-inept male geeks direct at girls they fancy).

There are a couple of slow scenes that could have done with tightening, but the first three episodes display strong characterisation and a variety of humour (not work-safe at times). There are a few clumsy edits, but there are also light touches and an underlying confidence in how the episodes are shot.

I’ll be keeping up with this one. Based on what I’ve seen so far it has the hallmarks of an emerging cult classic.

Writer/director Kim is certainly a talent to watch.

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