Salon Futura podcast

Salon furtura #5Thanks to Cheryl Morgan for inviting me to be part of her online magazine, Salon Futura, this month.

I participated in a podcast in which we discussed the graphic novels and/or comic book series that were published during 2010, most of which are eligible for the Hugo for Best Graphic Story.

This is a relatively new Hugo Award, so this is an excellent initiative by Cheryl to boost the profile of the many fantastic publications that could be nominated.

My fellow comic book enthusiasts on the podcast are Cheryl, Joe Gordon of the Forbidden Planet International blog and David Monteith of Geek Syndicate.

I’m sure there are some outstanding comics that we didn’t get around to discussing, but the problem is this is a huge field with many fine titles available. While I was doing my prep and research for the podcast I become more and more excited by the diversity of graphic stories being published.

If you’re looking for more suggestions then check out Graphic Stories for your Hugo 2011 Nomination Consideration by Brit Mandelo at

I thoroughly enjoyed the podcast, but it’s not hard to talk about a subject you love with articulate and informed people!

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