WoW, a review

Flight of the Goblin Shaman
Flight of the Goblin Shaman

Those of you who like video or online computer games probably noticed that the most popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) in the world, World of Warcraft (WoW), released an expansion to its system in early December, called Cataclysm.

Richmond and Vicky at the Hi-Ex! Blog asked me to review the game, and I was happy to oblige. My review went up yesterday.

I’ve been an irregular player of WoW for a few years. Whenever I’m very busy I don’t play it at all, as there is no bigger thief of time than WoW when you really get stuck into it. I played more often than usual during the holiday because I wanted to give the expansion a proper testing. Now that the holiday is over and I’ve turned in my review, I don’t have as much of an excuse to play, so I’ll be scaling back again.

It’s a testament to the game’s improvements that I will find that a mite more difficult than usual. I still have great deal more to explore in Azeroth since the expansion, and while there are elements about the MMORPG that still make me swear in frustration it’s an impressive update on the old system.

a Worgen Warrior in a top hat
a Worgen Warrior in a top hat

I could easily have written a lot more in the review about WoW, but as it was I was running over the suggested word count. I will add that I’m normally a Horde player, although I’ve tried out Alliance characters in the past, but for the purposes of fairness I played both the Goblin (Horde) and Worgen (Alliance) characters equally.

Doing that gave me an interesting perspective on the battle between the two factions in WoW, and made me ponder how much the sides have in common, despite their hatred for each other. I suspect most people tend to plump for one side or another, but I think I’ll go for a more even-handed approach in the future.

It’s a simple demonstration that each movement in a struggle believe they are in the right. It’s rare you get the opportunity to experience that first-hand.

Yet, based on my gaming experiences I think the Goblins are one of the most enjoyable additions to WoW, and I started as a sceptic; even the music associated with them makes me smile.

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