the finish line

NaNoWriMo ended yesterday, and I passed the finish line by writing 50,000 words in a month.

I’m pleased that I hit the goal, and the challenge highlighted the fact that there is always time to write if I cut back on the time-wasting activities and ensure that writing is a priority.

One of the problems I encountered with keeping to the schedule was a creeping sense of boredom began to pervade my day. I realised that I had to introduce some variety into my schedule, and having the same writing time every day just doesn’t suit my temperament.

An interesting side-effect is that I hardly drank any alcohol during November – except at WexWorlds. I don’t like imbibing while I’m writing. It adds a layer of distance between me and the words that I don’t enjoy. It’s probably not a bad thing.

Writing this novel was also a lot of fun at times. Thank goodness for that!

Now, I have to finish the project without the NaNoWriMo incentive whipping at my heels. I’ve already put so much effort into it and I can’t leave it in this incomplete state.

Hopefully, that will be goad enough to keep me writing. I want to write THE END on this novel before we usher in 2011.

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