winter morning

November fogged trees and Minnie

For a dog that’s camera-shy – Minnie hates me taking her photo – she’s beginning to creep her way into a lot of my nature shots lately. I don’t mind as it often adds a spot of interest to the image.

As you can see it’s cold today with wintery fog. I won’t say anything else about that image because it’s doing all the heavy-lifting.

I’ve been churning away at the novel, and it’s over the 30K mark now. I had a couple of missed days for a variety of reasons but I’m in the swing of things now. I need to be because I have WexWorlds this weekend. I have to write as much as possible before the event, because I would like to hit the 50K mark by November 30th and complete a NaNoWriMo.

Of course, I’ll still have at least 20-30K left to write on the novel, but at least the challenge helped get me on the path. I hope to finish the novel in December.

Immediately afterwards I have to start writing a new comic book script, for which I’ve already done a lot of prep. It will allow me to switch gears and give the novel the proper resting time before I dive into revisions.

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