where did I put that machete?

The final draft of my script is completed, and has been handed in as the last component of my MA in Screenwriting. Now, it’s a matter of waiting for a result.

The last polish went well. The screenplay ended up at 109 pages, which is acceptable considering the genre.

Am I pleased with it? It’s the best it can be at this point in time. In a couple of months I’ll probably have the objectivity to be able to hack it into even better shape. But, I’m the realistic sort: it’s my first feature-length script. (Actually, it feels like my second script because of the extensive rewrite I accomplished for the second draft.)

Now, it’s on to the next project, which is quite dark and grim, and it scares me a bit. It will also require excellent writing to pull it off. In other words it’s a challenge, and of course I’ll have to give it a go. Otherwise, why bother?

At the moment I’m mulling over going to LA in November for the Screenwriting Expo. It will be an opportunity to make contacts, learn more about the American film industry, and test the metaphorical waters. Flights to LA are relatively inexpensive for that time, but I have to stay there and eat. So, it’s an investment.

However, no one is going to come knocking on my door offering me work. I’m going to have to hie after it with a club, and drag its bleeding corpse back to the cabin while fending off other predators.

Or maybe… I’ll meet an enthusiastic and attentive agent who’ll sign me after reading my script, get me an offer for work immediately, and I’ll write fantastic scripts while pool-side, sipping cocktails, and eyeing up the man-candy.

Which scenario do you think is more likely?

Yeah, I’m thinking blood, sweat, and guts too…

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