I accept

This morning I got a letter offering me a place on the one-year taught Masters of Screenwriting at the Huston School of Film and Digital Media.

I’m chuffed, and stunned.

I’m pleased that the material I put together for my application was deemed worthy enough for a place on the course.

But, I did a MA before, and even though that was a long time ago, I still remember the hard graft. It was a MA by pure research, so I had to motivate myself to do the work and get it completed on time.

The last five months were torturous. I’d get up at 7am (Mon-Fri), so I’d be in College for 8.15am, where I’d work until 5pm, come home, have dinner, usually put in a couple of more hours work, and no matter what time I went to bed I’d have to rise at 7am the following day. On the weekends I studied solely at home. There was no time off from the MA; it permeated every part of my existence.

Of course, if I’d spread the workload out more carefully during the two years I wouldn’t have had such a tight deadline.

This MA will be different as I will have classes, and more frequent work. By the end of the year I have to pass the Film Studies component of the MA, as well as produce a complete screenplay and a minor dissertation. I’m already beginning to think of ideas for the thesis, and whether I’ll write a new screenplay or expand upon one of the two treatments I’ve already written.

I can tell this will require a huge change in my routine, and will be a major commitment. From September 6th–the official start date–until the following August, the MA is going to consume most of my time and thoughts. It will impact upon my relationships with my husband, my family and my friends.

The question is: will it be worth it?

An almost impossible question to answer without going through the experience first. Classic Catch 22.

My ambitions are certain:

I want to become the best writer possible in multiple media, but in the short form and the screenplay in particular.

I think this MA will be an invaluable step towards helping me achieve at least part of my goals.

I am willing to seize this opportunity and wring every possible useful experience out of it so that no matter what happens I will graduate at the end and say, “It was worth it!”

And I plan to enjoy it too!