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Tue, 19 February 2013 winter’s grip lessens

It’s been a long, dark, winter, so the last couple of sunny days have been uplifting. It’s amazing how quickly the land responds when it gets a blast of sunshine.
Suddenly dandelions are prowling among the grasses, and the gorse bushes in the woods have burst into glorious flower.

I love the gorse flowers’ coconut scent, [...]

Mon, 06 December 2010 getting in the spirit

In the past I’ve been more of Bah, humbug! kind of girl when it comes to the holiday season. There are a lot of reasons for that, most of them to do with memories of Christmases past.
I haven’t even decorated my house in previous years.
This year because of the ice and cold weather, and [...]

Fri, 03 December 2010 the joys of frost

This is another image from yesterday, when it was bitterly cold.
It’s funny the things you learn because a picture can get you interested in a subject. Yesterday’s image of a small natural frost bridge made me wonder about the exact nature of the frost growing upon the surfaces I photographed yesterday. I love the crystalline [...]

Thu, 02 December 2010 iced in

Our severe cold snap (by Irish standards) continues. Tonight is supposed to be the coldest night we’ll experience during this period. Here in the West we’ve had two days of gorgeous sunshine, but the temperatures have not risen above freezing. All the snow that fell a few days ago is still on the ground.
This means [...]

Wed, 10 November 2010 Jack O’Leaf

I was pleased to capture this image this morning just using my mobile phone camera. Halloween might be over, but this looks like a Jack O’Leaf to me. It was a frosty, sunny morning in the woods today, which can mean good photos if you can find a subject. There is little foliage left on [...]

Fri, 05 November 2010 get it while it’s sparkly

I snapped the above picture nearly a week ago, on the last bright morning before we turned the corner into Winter and settled into November. It’s been grey wet days since then.
It was a lovely surprise to stumble upon a variety of mushrooms in the woods on that occasion, as it’s somewhat late in the [...]

Sat, 23 October 2010 first frost

These are leaves coated in the first frost of autumn.
Every year I’m struck by the fact that frost and/or ice can transform the ordinary into something beautiful while also causing us bother.
At least it contains the potential for joy, even if it makes us curse.

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