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Fri, 21 August 2009 end of summer round-up

I’ve never had such a long gap between blog posts before, I guess that means I’ve been busy.
Time to herd some news stories across the prairies.
I sold my sf-horror story, “Empty Mind Came Back With the Pearl”, to M-Brane SF a while ago. It will appear in issue 9. I’m delighted this story will get [...]

Thu, 07 August 2008 forward

Last week was busy with travel, a Tom Waits concert (awesome), and a family wedding (fun), and this week is catch-up. In the meantime, the Clarion West Write-a-thon has wrapped up, and thanks to those of you who sponsored me (it’s not too late if anyone wants to throw cash into the kitty).
Alas, I have [...]

Sun, 22 June 2008 goals and weather

It’s June 22nd, which means it’s the start of Clarion West in Seattle, the annual six-week residential writing workshop, where up-and-coming writers learn the joys of composing short stories to deadline while sleep deprived and caffeinated. Therefore it’s also the start of the Clarion West fund raising Write-a-thon, and I’m participating. So, sponsor me in [...]

Tue, 27 November 2007 restoration

“If you want to gowhere the rainbows endyou’ll have to say goodbyeall our dreams come truebaby up aheadand it’s out where your memories lie”
Well, the marathon CD-rip has begun. My laptop and desktop are currently humming as they convert our music library back into mp3 format. Soon I’ll press-gang another couple machines into service and [...]

Wed, 07 November 2007 good job

My fellow inmates from Clarion West ‘06 have been doing really well lately. It makes me proud and extremely happy to see such talented people make sales and win competitions.
Ben Burgis currently has a story up on Atom Jack called Of Rum, Madness, Thunderstorms and Prayer”. Tina Connolly’s story “Moon at the Starry [...]

Sun, 29 July 2007 wrap-up

Clarion West is over for another year, and so is the Write-a-thon. Over the course of the last six weeks my goals were revamped as I went along, mainly because the novel needed a longer gestation period than I expected. So I kept up the research and note-taking, and returned to short stories.
Changing my [...]

Tue, 19 June 2007 agog

Thanks to my friend Tina for pointing me towards the Publishers Weekly review of Fantasy (« now available to buy on
Unfortunately, the anthology as a whole didn’t score with the reviewer, but several stories were singled out for praise, mine included:
… while Maura McHugh’s “Bone Mother” brilliantly blends Slavic folklore with the vampire [...]

Sat, 16 June 2007 on your mark

Tomorrow is the official start of the 2007 Clarion West Writers Workshop. Clarion West is a non-profit literary organisation, which runs an annual six-week workshop for writers preparing for professional careers in science fiction and fantasy in Seattle, USA. It has been held continuously since 1984. Each year 18 writers are selected from an international [...]

Tue, 12 June 2007 review

Last night I received feedback on my script from my screenwriting group, which contained plenty of useful advice and tips. I had gone in with a somewhat resigned attitude, expecting the worst. It was cheering to hear that many of them thought the script was a fast read, despite being a character-focused piece, and that [...]

Thu, 24 May 2007 a grey day for voting

Not much to report other than life goes on, as does the writing and pondering. It’s election day today, and I’ve kept the radio off so thus far I’ve remained blissfully unaware of the predictions and political shenanigans going on. Later on Martin and I will cast our vote, and participate in the democratic process. [...]

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