• flipping the gender

    Thanks to Bad Reputation – a blog that’s become part of my regular reading – I discovered the awesome The Girls on Film. The team is made up of Ashleigh Harrington (co-creator, actress, editor, effects artist), Cat McCormick (co-creator, actress) and Jeff Hammond (co-creator, director). The trio re-makes scenes from male-dominated movies with the women playing the parts of the men. Thus far they’ve re-created scenes from Star Trek, The Town and Fight Club. Here is the Fight Club clip in all it’s wicked glory. The remade scenes – or cocktails as TGOF call them – underline the potential of putting women into roles that are not conventional. Both the…

  • everything is amazing

    I’ve been meaning for some time to link to this video of comedian Louis C.K. when he appeared on Conan O’Brien Show in 2009. He discusses how ‘Everything is amazing right now and nobody’s happy’, which is a hilarious commentary on how fantastic technology is today, and yet how often people spend time bemoaning the tiny inconveniences it brings. It’s a good reality check, because I’m not immune from being irritated at how long it takes for a device to boot up, or the extra seconds for a web page to load (of course if I didn’t have a million tabs open in my multiple browser windows the computer might…

  • that bloodshot moon

    Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse from William Castleman on Vimeo. We’ll laugh at that old bloodshot moon in that burgundy sky, croons Tom Waits in his fantastic song “A New Coat of Paint.” It’s not a burgundy sky, but this is a hell of a bloodshot moon, and a short, but stunning, video of yesterday’s lunar eclipse. I love that people go to the trouble of shooting something like this and putting it online in a well-packaged format because… well, it’s cool, and they like to share. Nice one William!

  • aurora magic

    The world can seem full of hostility and hate if you pay too much attention to the mainstream media. Always, there are beautiful moments, and good people doing helpful work. The following video is just a reminder to spend equal time focusing on what’s luminous in our world. Timelapse of Aurora Borealis (HD) over Tromsø, Norway. Photography by Tor Even Mathisen. Music by Per Wollen and vocals by Silje Beate Nilssen, I spotted this on Astronomy Picture of the Day. Takk skal du ha Tor!