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    New Play Reading part of Galway Theatre Festival

    I mentioned recently that my short play The Love of Small Appliances had been selected to be part of the Waking the Feminists West New Play Reading. Last night the programme for this year’s Galway Theatre Festival was unveiled, and our event is going to be part of the schedule – hurray! It’s happening in the Town Hall Theatre Studio, Galway from 6pm on 6 May. You can book tickets now for this staged reading of six writers’ work via the web site. Last week I had a feedback session with several dramatruges associated with WTFW, including Justine Nakase, the director of my excerpt. It was a helpful, and inspiring,…

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    WTFW New Play Reading

    We're starting the week off 'write'! (Get it!) Congratulations to the Successful Six! #wtfwnewplayreading pic.twitter.com/fL22odg4Dp — WakingFeministsWest (@WakingFeministW) February 29, 2016 I’m thrilled that my short near-future play, The Love of Small Appliances, has been selected by the Waking the Feminists West team, to be part of their New Play Reading initiative. The staged reading of the selected plays will be taking place on 6 May in the Town Hall Theatre, studio, in Galway. I’m looking forward to working with the director Justine Nakase, and seeing how the actors take on these roles.

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    The Ghost Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore

    Back in 2012 I had the fine fortune to write a section of  an anthology horror play called The Hallowe’en Sessions, which had a run in the West End in London. I worked with fellow writers Kim Newman, Anne Billson, Sean Hogan, Paul McAuley, and Stephen Volk, Well, the creative sparks behind that production now have another stellar horror portmanteau play scheduled for 2016: The Ghost Train Doesn’t Stop Here Anymore. Featuring segments written by acclaimed authors Christopher Fowler, Lynda E. Rucker, Stephen Gallagher, Lisa Tuttle, Robert Shearman, and Kim Newman, alongside a wraparound story by director Sean Hogan. Remember those horror portmanteau movies of the past, such as Tales from the Crypt, From…

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    Showcasing Shakespeare

    On Wednesday evening I attended the Druid Theatre Company​’s DruidShakespeare, directed by Garry Hynes, which was a wild tour-de-force experience. I’m still processing it a couple of days later. It consisted of the entire Henriad (Richard II, Henry IV Parts I & II, and Henry V), edited by Irish playwright Mark O’Rowe down to 6 1/2 hours or so. The atmosphere was set prior to our procession into the theatre, with a small burst of period-appropriate choral music. We filed in along a path that was bordered on either side by plots of fresh earth, with a gravedigger about his business. Death is coming, we were being warned. The Druid…

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    Hallowe'en Sessions Round-up

    I’m back from my London sojourn, and it ended up being a busy period. I attended the opening and closing nights of The Hallowe’en Sessions, but I also turned up at the theatre every evening to say hello to the people who supported the play. It was fantastic that so many friends and colleagues of the ensemble came for one of the performances. The audience packed into the Leicester Square Theatre for the final night, and fired questions at the writers for the Q&A afterwards. We took the seats the actors had vacated for that bit, and considering what had gone on in the play it was somewhat unsettling to…

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    Hallowe'en Sessions in London

    The Hallowe’en Sessions has been on for three nights now and the reaction from audiences and the reviews have been gratifying. The entire run has sold out, so no more tickets are available. We’re hugely appreciative of the tremendous support we have received. Sean Hogan – our director, and one of the writers – put in a Herculean effort to get the show ready, and he assembled a fantastic cast. Since each cast member plays multiple roles in the various pieces the play stands or falls on their versatility and ability to shift quickly into different characters. All the actors demonstrate excellent range, and I expect they will be snapped…

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    Halloween in London

    I’m off to London today, and tomorrow I’ll be attending the première performance of The Hallowe’en Sessions in the Leicester Square Theatre. It’s a rather surreal experience to type those words. The effect of writing is often only felt many months (or years) after you have gestated and laboured over an idea. Due to the passage of time these projects can become rather abstract, especially as you continue to work on other stories. Then, whosh, it manifests suddenly as a concrete form, and you come to the work as fresh as everyone else (except with way more nervousness). Tickets have been selling well, and the closing night performance, and Hallowe’en…

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    The Hallowe'en Sessions Trailer

    At last the trailer for The Hallowe’en Sessions is online: Sean Hogan directed the trailer: he’s also one of the writers, and the director, of The Hallowe’en Sessions. The actor is Billy Clarke, with voice-over by Sarah Douglas, both of whom are in the play. Get your tickets while you can.

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    FantasyCon 2012

    This evening I’m on a flight to England, followed by a train to Brighton for the annual conference of the British Fantasy Society, FantasyCon 2012. I had a great time at the event last year and I’m very much looking forward to catching up with friends and talking shop. Plus, I love Brighton! Here’s my schedule for the weekend: On Friday, the first day of the con, from 3pm – 4pm in the Fitzherbert Room, I’ll be moderating a panel on Does Gender Matter? My fellow panelists are: Ramsay Campbell, Joseph D’Lacey, Alison Littlewood, and Suzanne McLeod. From 5 pm – 6pm on Saturday in the Fizherbert Room I’ll be…

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    dear Alexandra

    This blog post began as a reply to a comment made by horror writer and screenwriter, Alexandra Sokoloff, on my last blog entry, but got too long. It’s probably best if you read that first before continuing with this entry. I’ll wait. Back? Great. Here’s what my couple of lines morphed into: Dear Alexandra, Thank you for your note, and I appreciate your kind comments. I’m currently reading your novel The Price, as I’m engaged in a drive to read as much horror by women as possible before World Horror Convention. That means getting books from a lot of different sources, especially since women’s horror isn’t easy to come by…