• Two Poems

    Two recent poems. 'Breathing Room' written for Poetry Day Ireland and 'Python' written for the annual 'Poet's Breakfast' during Fleadh na gCuach 2021.

  • the moon is not full tonight

    Actually, the Moon is full tonight, but this was the title of a small cartoon I drew on Sunday as part of #HourlyComicDay. When I drew the not-full-moon it inspired me to write a bit of nonsense verse. The moon is not full tonight. Straying a bit. Drew the cartoon, composed a nonsense poem in response. #HourlyComicDay pic.twitter.com/PlA8zscckO — Maura McHugh (@splinister) February 2, 2015 //platform.twitter.com/widgets.js Here’s the nonsense poem in full: A Warning to the Hungry Moon Poor hungry moon How do you yearn, For babies’ milk teeth, Or the bones under wreaths. Soon you’ll be starving, Your girth needing widening, While below you we ramble, Our bones all…

  • sea froth

    Inside the sea froth I peer out as I push in, for a macro shot. Immortalised in a bubble, blown by the sea, carefree me. Maura McHugh

  • escape from Shallot

    Escape from Shallot Restless lady, Busy weaving, Alone, enclosed, And fretful, anxious, About prophesied ruin. Heed not Hearsay curses, Imagined evil, That will slay you, If you dare spy outside. Your mind Binds you Faster than guards, Or the thick walls You labour behind. Rise up! Look out! At the world resplendent. None can impede you, If your will remains. Be easy Be gentle Step to the window, See what awaits you, And walk towards the door. Maura McHugh Some thoughts on ‘The Lady of Shalott’ by Alfred, Lord Tennyson.

  • Coole Stag

    Your antlers lift At my awed approach – Grace bestowed. The photo was taken yesterday in Coole Park, Galway.

  • dive

    Dive In the stillness between the blood’s pulses the faint cry of the despondent heart can be heard above the covering chatter of determined cheerfulness. Busy schedules fill the gaps in between. But the sleepless dark peels back pretence with a surgeon’s precision. What will you discover in your open chest? Perhaps treasure, Once you face the emptiness, and delve deep enough in the echoing chambers. Maura McHugh

  • escape artist

    the shadow of the bars can cast a longer shade than the sentence served behind them. when their cold memory dents recoiling skin recall the first free breath inhaled outside. the gaol of the past is the vital prison for the escape artist to crack.

  • beyond the wall

    This is a recent photo during our current sunny, frosty weather. It reminds me how photographs are so much better when you get good light… I’ve our holiday decorations packed away since Monday. I try not to let them linger too much after the festivities are over, but I do miss the blinking lights. They’re cheery during our long nights. Although, I’ve already noticed the extra minutes on our evenings, which is a delightful amuse-bouche of longer days to come. I’ve not made any resolutions for the New Year. In general I’m always working to a plan of improvement both personally and creatively, and I try (I don’t always succeed)…

  • Huguenot memories

    Yesterday I posted images to my Flickr photo stream of my recent trip in Dublin. All of them were taken with the camera in my mobile phone (a Sony Xperia X10 mini – an Android smartphone). Looking through them I thought about my time living in Dublin, and the photographs I took using my first digital camera. Back then, I was using a Fuji FinePix 2.4 megapixel camera, which I referred to as Pixie. I could take images at several resolutions, but in those days (a mere 9 years ago) if you were posting photos on the web the image quality was not expected to be high, so I often…

  • two nobles

    There are a lot of Holly trees my local woods. Not that you’d notice during the summer, when the other trees flounce about in their finery. Lately, I’ve noticed Holly’s re-emergence as one of the dominant personalities of the woodlands as we spin further into autumn. The above photograph is of a Holly tree growing under an Oak which I took yesterday. In Irish lore there were four classifications of trees, the highest being Airig Fedo, or Nobles of the Wood. There were seven trees in that caste, including Oak and Holly. As I considered the mythology of trees, as well as this image of the two nobles standing beside…