• well heeled

    Welcome 2013! It struck me lately that I’ve nearly 2,000 images on Flickr, and they could be put to good use – such as generating blog posts. I signed up to Flickr in 2006 and I’ve been adding photographs and artwork there on a regular basis. It represents a tiny fraction of the images I’ve shot over the past seven years, as I’m picky about what I show, and sometimes I’m too busy to sift through my images. As a project for 2013, and to return to regular blogging, over the coming year I’ll choose images from my archive and use them as a springboard for a post. Like so:…

  • climb on

    During the holiday period Galway city had a Winter Market in Eyre Square, which involved a mini fun-fair, including an old-fashioned carousel. Each horse has its name painted on its neck. This one is named Ruby. She’s a champion. Fleetest filly of them all.

  • junior winners 2011

    For the past few years I’ve been involved in judging for the Galway Junior Film Fleadh, which is a task I enjoy tremendously. I love witnessing the enthusism among young people for cinema. Previously I was part of the jury for the Script Pitching competition, which is a live event delivered in front of an audience – a feat that would make most adults nervous. This year I couldn’t be part of the jury due to a schedule clash, but I’m pleased to report that the 2011 winner is Amanda Honan Coyle from St Joseph’s Community College, Kilkee, Co Clare. Her project, titled “A World of Our Own”, wins her…

  • gothic galway

    Evening arrives early these days, and I was knocking around the NUIG campus at dusk because I was attending the ComicsWest event. While the accompanying photograph might look like the spooky outline of a local Gothic castle, it’s actually the contours of the University’s Quadrangle, the oldest structure on the grounds. Later on in a much more modern part of the university – alas – the question and answer session went splendidly, with me, Michael Carroll, Paddy Brown and Andrew Luke discussing our various approaches to writing/drawing comics to the members of NUIG’s Comic Book Society. It was lovely being back at my old alma mater, and seeing such a…

  • ComicsWest

    ComicsWest is a one-day comic book fair going on in Bailey Allen Hall, Áras Na MacLéinn in the National University Of Ireland, Galway from noon until 10pm. It’s organised by NUIG’s Comic Book Society. There will be an all-day comic book fair as well as events and workshops featuring Irish comic book writers and artists. I’ll be participating in a Question and Answer session at 8pm. I’m looking forward to being able to discuss comic books with people who love the medium and to catch up with some friends.

  • still shining

    The last hour of light when you are shooting film is often referred to as ‘the magic hour’. This was taken during a recent magic hour, at the small graveyard at the back of St. Nicholas’ Church in Galway city. A place I have photographed often. Sometimes you’re in the right place at the right time and have a camera in hand…

  • skeleton bread

    This is the current window display in The Gourmet Tart in Galway city. I snapped it quickly this evening, grateful that the grotesque diorama had not been dismantled yet in favour of a cheery Yule decoration. I particularly like the skeletons bursting out of their bread coffins. This is one of the reasons why I like this season the best…

  • relax

    I spotted this mosaic mirror in the Galway market yesterday, hanging on the railings that surround St. Nicholas’ Church. I appreciate the irony that you can see a shattered reflection of me in the word, because I’m not good at truly relaxing. Perhaps I should try to inhabit the word better.

  • old magic persists

    Tree, water and moon at dusk. It’s still beautiful, despite the rows of houses stacked upon each other. Even in the urban environment the old magic persists.

  • tasty Wednesday

    It’s been a pretty productive day, but I’ve work yet to do. So a rare treat from Sweetie Pies in Galway, along with a doppio espresso to cut through the sugar and fuel the rest of my evening. Yum.