• Pay the Toll

    My flash horror story, 'Pay the Toll', is the 29th of December entry in the Sinister Horror Company's creepy Advent Calendar.

  • The Light at the Centre in Best New Horror #28

    My short story ‘The Light at the Centre’ has been selected by editor Stephen Jones for his Best New Horror #28 anthology. I’m delighted! It was first published in Uncertainties Vol. 1 by editor Brian Showers for Swan River Press (and still available for purchase).

  • Respectable Horror

    I’ve a story called ‘Spooky Girl’ in the next anthology by Fox Spirit, called Respectable Horror, which is edited by K.A. Laity. The cover, by Stephanie Johnson, has just been revealed and it’s a corker. The ToC is: The Astartic Arcanum – Carol Borden The Well Wisher – Matthew Pegg The Little Beast – Octavia Cade The Holy Hour – Chloë Yates A Framework – Richard Barber Malefactor – Austin Waller The Estate of Edward Moorehouse – Ian Burdon Spooky Girl – Maura McHugh Full Tote Gods – Damien White A Splash of Crimson – Catherine Lundoff Where Demons Don’t Tread – Suzanne Willis The Recovery – Edward Gauvin Running…

  • parade your glorious bones

    So you’re a skeleton. Grab your gaudy glad rags and celebrate your pirate past. Dance. Rattle. Shake. Imitate the life you once possessed. Your damned style outshines the costumes of the living. 2017: the year to parade your glorious bones.

  • The Brit Horror Mixtape

    Writer Mark West came up with the fun idea of curating a ‘Brit Horror Mixtape‘ by asking writers in the field to recommend a short story by a British horror writer that influenced their work. It’s pretty hard to pick one favourite – as I have many – so I decided to select based on the spirit of the mixtape: which is to collate a distinctive range of interesting work from a variety of people. I was unaware of what writers other people were going to choose, but I decided not to pick a ghost story or one that featured a supernatural event. When the entire, massive field of British…

  • the lowdown

    Thanks to British author Simon Bestwick for asking me to be part of his Lowdown series of artist conversations on his web site. //embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js Since my ego construct occupies my mental headspace most of the time (ah, in dreaming, then it can go all askew), I can become bored with my own musings. I ponder and analyse my approach to the world constantly, so I’m often reluctant to elaborate upon it with others. This is no doubt partly an Irish thing of not wishing to appear too big-headed (Who does she think she is?). Also, I’m quite allergic to articles that contain writer’s advice. My skin itches like it will…

  • Story in Crannóg 41

    My short story ‘Moments on the Cliff’ will appear in issue 41 of the Galway literary magazine Crannóg. The cover is ‘Seagull Museum’ by Ciarán Parkes. The 100-page magazine is being launched at 6.30 pm on Friday, 26 February at the Crane Bar, Sea Road, Galway. It costs a mere €7, and it features poetry and prose from Irish and international artists. I’ll be attending the launch, and reading a short extract from the story. It’s a real pleasure to have a story in an Irish market, and even better, one from my home county. Most of my sales are to journals and anthologies outside of the country, so I…

  • She Walks in Shadows

    Within genre circles (sf/f/h) there are some debates that keep rising from the grave, like brain-lusting zombies. You chase the brutes about, slice off their heads, throw them back into the pit, and tamp the soil down hard upon their twitching limbs. Yet, they keep digging their way out of the earth. This is particularly tiresome if the debate is centred around – say – the ability of an entire gender. Since we are 50% of the world’s population, it should be no surprise that women come from lots of different backgrounds, which makes it difficult to make definitive pronouncements about the abilities/interests/desires of such a large group of people.…

  • La Femme Noir

    I’m pleased to announce that my short story ‘Valerie’ has been accepted by Ian Whates at NewCon Press to be part of the forthcoming anthology titled La Femme. It’s being launched at Eastercon in Glasgow, at 6.00 pm on 18 April, along with its paired anthology, Noir. There will be a paperback and hardback edition of both books. There are twenty five stories across the two volumes, and it’s wonderful to be in such good company (I’ll leave it to Ian to announce the ToC officially before I name names). The anthologies should be available to pre-order shortly.