off to old blighty

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I’m off to London tomorrow, and I’ll be back on Thursday. Apparently there’s a severe weather alert for the end of this week with a potential Europe-clogging snow and ice storm arriving in time for Christmas. Hopefully I’ll skim back in before it hits.

I guess the bookies aren’t taking bets for a white Christmas any more as it is very likely. I’m already taking steps in case we have to stay put for a while.

I took the above picture in London a few years ago of a decorative feature on one of its many outstanding buildings. I’ve mentioned before I love architecture, and London is a treat with examples of styles from so many eras.

It’s also an appropriate picture for this time of year, since most us enjoy a feast or two with friends and colleagues.

These two chaps would certainly approve of indulgence. I love their wicked smiles. Whoever carved them into life enjoyed the job!


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