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Me in my new fuax furry hat

Today, on twitter, I happened to mention my love of hats. I agree with the boardroom executive who says in Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life, ‘People aren’t wearing enough hats.’ I won’t bother extol their practical virtues, but they’re a great fashion accessory, and I’m fond of the slightly quirky variety.

So, when I saw this (faux) furry burgundy one recently I couldn’t resist (especially as it was inexpensive). I was challenged this afternoon to produce a photo of the chapeau, and this is one of the two images I posted on Flickr.

That’s me, in my office today, with not a lick of make-up on or ‘improved’ by any post-production massaging of the image.

You’ll see several indicators of my geekdom: Cthulhu glaring down at me from one tall bookcase, the Angel puppet perched upon a shelf of books, and you can just see the top of my five-foot Tank Girl poster.

The weather has been incredibly changeable today, but we’ve been getting heartening blasts of sun in between the squalls of rain. I lucked out during the impromptu photo shoot and was framed by light. My apologies for the crazy cam angle, that’s the result of trying to take the picture via a mirror and look somewhat normal – in spite of my fuzzy cap.


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