autumn wood light

Autumn woods and Minnie

This morning during my walk in the woods with my dog Minnie I heard a weird bellowing honk – obviously made by a large bird – followed by the sound of large wings beating as it soared away. I never saw the creature, despite spinning around to catch a glimpse of it.

In my imagination it was some  variety of moose goose, with a big, fuzzy head, horns, a yellow beak and huge brown wings. No wonder our ancestors used to warn of strange happenings when one ventures into forests. There are always odd noises and curious rustlings made by animals – or things – just out of sight. It allows for imaginative flights of fancy and outrageous stories.

For me wildwoods retain elements of mystery and possibility and are the cathedrals of nature. The carpet is moss, the trunks are pillars, the sweeping branches hold up vaults of leaves, and the sun blazes through cobweb glass stained with berries. Here I am refreshed and inspired.

Especially when I’m blessed with a heavenly autumn day.


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