faster than the speed of bus

We live in a fast-paced world.

Yesterday morning, while finishing up work before my trip to Dublin, I received an email query from Alison Flood, a journalist for the British newspaper The Guardian. She wanted my opinion about the exclusion of women from the BFS In Conversation interview collection, and how the situation played out.

I offered an assessment, and emailed it to her. Then, I scrambled to complete my tasks and get to the coach station. Yes, I’ve started taking a bus to Dublin partly because of the free Wi-Fi.

(There is nothing quite as marvelous as using a bus’s inbuilt wireless system to connect to the world as you hurtle through the picturesque Irish countryside.)

Quite quickly I gathered via Twitter that Alison had been in touch with other people about the apology the BFS issued yesterday.

Just as the bus was pulling into Dublin I received the first tweet that The Guardian‘s article had hit the Internet – I read it on my not-so-smart phone. It leads with the headline British Fantasy Society admits ‘lazy sexism’ over male-only horror book.

I’m somewhat overwhelmed by the response to the piece. I’m glad there is a discussion taking place about this subject, but I never imagined I would go from writing a blog post on a Thursday, to being quoted in a newspaper by Tuesday.