making a short film

So, some good news. A script I wrote for a weird short film is being made.

Darklight XDarklight Festival is Ireland’s annual festival for filmmakers, animators and artists whose work explores the convergence of art, film and technology. It’s taking place in Dublin from October 8 -10.

For its tenth anniversary it is organising an anthology film that will consist of 8-10 short films themed around one location: Hotel Darklight. The producers Marie Caffrey, Alan Keane and Declan Lynch are doing a super job of putting together a challenging genre project on minuscule funding. It’s mostly fuelled by passion, enthusiasm, and hard graft.

The shoot is taking place next week, and I plan to be on set. Hotel Darklight is being created at lightning pace.

The final film will premiere as the closing event of the festival, on Saturday, October 10, at 9.30pm at the Light House Cinema in Dublin. Notice that tickets are free.

I will be posting more information and updates in the coming days about my contribution to the process and how it all unfolds.

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