Another one of my twitter stories has been published on Thaumatrope: if you’re hungry for a fictional nibble.
Black Static 10
Reviews of Black Static, issue 10, have been appearing online. I realised before reading the first one that I had been bracing myself: like how you involuntarily clench your muscles when you expect a terrible blow.

My story, “Vic”, is intimate, small, and poignant, and I suspected some people might want a story that’s more action-packed and brutal. Although, that’s the beauty of a diverse collection of stories in a magazine–you should find one to your tastes.

However, Colin Harvey over on Suite 101 enjoyed “Vic” very much, and rated it “Outstanding”. He blogged about it again the following day.

SF Revu also offered its opinion on the contents of the magazine.

It’s a relief, and a pleasure, when I discover other people enjoy my writing. It makes the slog, and the disappointments, seem worthwhile. It also motivates me to write more, which is the best result.

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